About us


Why choose Bolero?

Bolero, a synonym for the sound of Spain (moderate tempo, a dance for two, a song and the guitar) Ravel’s piece of the same name, or a lovely piece of female attire. What is it that brings together a light piece of music, a well-rehearsed orchestra and the beauty that stays forever in the memory? There may be different answers to this question, but our team can surely provide you with a good one: good spirits in the company of the reliable business partner and a glass of your favourite drink.

Business policy

Our company is a leader in the sector of distribution of beverages, confectionery and chemical products in the market of the Republic of Serbia. An internal part of our business policy is ethical and responsible attitude, in order to present the products from our range in a manner which is purposeful, thorough and of a high quality. In this way we fulfil the six basic principles of our business policy:


Šta pijete?

From idea to implementation

The idea to set up the company was conceived at the start of 2003 and – after some synchronisation and balancing the optimum concepts, ‘NT Bolero’ came into being on 17th September 2003.
In 2008 we started collaboration with the local, regional and global companies in the domain of exchange of business ideas, experiences, as well as market analysis and distribution and sales.
The year 2016 was marked with successful operation and meticulous planning of the system operation within the national distribution.

Professional upgrade of the Bolero Team

The progressive growth of the quality of our services has been brought about the continual investment in the professional training of our employees. We cultivate the ideal of life-long learning in accordance with the global trends in the development of technical and human resources solutions, as well as logistic support, transportation and modern warehousing of goods.

Mission and vision

With your help, we have successfully implemented the idea of a distributer who covers a large part of our national market owing to the outstanding organisation of the operation. A successful business partner, collaborator or buyer is a foundation for the vision of a shiny future of a successful company. The common goal of all our activities includes enhancement of innovative and stable distribution of carefully selected brands.


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